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Because the chef hat has a maximum of 100 folds

In the history of culinary art, the distinctive white mushroom-shaped hat for chefs, that made of crinoline folded at the base, is called Talk Blanchefirst appeared in the ninth century, at the head of the French chef Antoine Karim (1784 – 1833) in the service of the court of George IV in the United Kingdom, who thought it would be useful to hold hair and perhaps even drops of sweat away from dishes.

Chef Talk Blanche. Regarding hat folds, there is a widespread myth: the number of folds can reach 100 and is considered an indicator of the skill of the wearer – for every known recipe, a fold. In particular, each fold will be credited with mastering a different recipe for cooking an egg.

More air for your head. Height, fabric and color Talk Blanche (in French it is feminine) responds for specific reasons of function and practicality, but also of hygiene – which is very basic in the kitchen: the elongated shape creates enough space above the chef’s head to ensure a constant exchange of air and thus avoids over-heating the head in a hot and humid environment saturated with fumes Like the kitchen. In fact, it is the cotton fabric that allows for better transpiration, while the white color allows for frequent washing even with bleaching acids.

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