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The Mercedes-Benz Group closed 2021 with revenues that rose from 154.3 to 168 billion euros. We read in the auto company’s correspondence that the share related to the premium activity of cars and vans is 133.9 billion against 121.8 billion previously, taking into account the separation and deconsolidation of the industrial vehicles division that occurred last year. December 9, as a result, the Mercedes-Benz Group now owns a 35% minority stake in the Daimler Truck Holding. Operating profit more than quadrupled from 6.6 to 29.1 billion (16 billion versus 6.1 for the core business), while adjusted operating profit more than doubled from 8.6 to 19.2 billion. The consolidated net result jumped from 4 to 23.4 billion, while the result from the core business increased from 4 to 11.1 billion. Earnings per share rose 280% to 12.89 euros, excluding the de-consolidation of the industrial vehicles division, while dividends increased from 1.35 to 5 euros per share.
here, Stellantis accounts: The Italian-French group makes a full profit (13.4 billion), and a large dividend to shareholders. Premiums 1.9 billion for employees.

Quarterly results

Mercedes-Benz also reported fourth-quarter net profit of 12.75 billion euros, up from 3.59 billion euros last year. Earnings per share were 11.82 euros, up 263% compared to 3.26 euros last year. Earnings before interest and taxes (Ebit) rose 2% to €5.23 billion. Meanwhile, revenue fell 7% to 43.39 billion euros from 46.62 billion euros a year earlier.

Reducing costs and increasing revenue

Mercedes-Benz fixed costs are down 16% since 2019, while unit revenue has improved 26% to an average of €49,800 per vehicle sold. This offset the 5% drop in sales that fell from 2.461 million units in 2020 to 2.330 million, with lower sales for the Mercedes-Benz Cars and Trucks division, mainly due to global semiconductor supply constraints. At Mercedes-Benz Vans, in line with the strategy to focus on electric vehicles, sales of battery electric vehicles doubled.

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CEO Ola Källenius said: “2021 has been a year of strategic progress for Mercedes-Benz – three numbers illustrate how this transformation is taking place: sales of luxury cars increased 30%, sales of electric cars increased. 64% and adjusted earnings before interest and taxes increased by 64%. 105%. This is strong evidence of the potential of this brand and this team. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all our colleagues who made this excellent result possible.”

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