Because sports greats are protesting on social networks

Starting in the UK, the sports world joined in a virtual protest, boycotting social media for 4 days. It also participates in the International Football Association and the Premier League

Social media boycott campaign #stoponlineabuse (Image: Twitter)

During the weekend, the world of sports started a Boycott social media In an effort to address the growing abuse and discrimination occurring on social media platforms. The “A solidarity demonstration against abuse of the InternetHe hopes to encourage companies to take a stronger stance against Racism and sexual abuse By users. The event will end at midnight between Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 May.

The event took off online in the UK as soccer, rugby and cricket teams alongside athletes from many disciplines and other sporting bodies participated in the online protest which was closely followed by many other international athletes.

The Premier League itself has Issued a press statement Supporting the boycott of social networks throughout the weekend, indicating that they will not stop challenging companies in the sector.So that online discriminatory abuse is removed from our game and society at large“.”We know the boycott alone will not cancel it, which is why we will continue to take proactive action to demand changeA Premier League spokesman added in the statement.

Especially all the Formula 1 drivers joined this boycott, led by the 7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton And Williams driver George Russell. Formula 1 said, “Fully committed to fighting all forms of discrimination, whether online or not“We gladly support the boycott.

Also in Italy, FIFA and many other soccer clubs and sports clubs have supported and participated in boycotting online platforms in the hope that such gestures move the platforms to act further against all kinds of abuse and discrimination that find space on the Internet.

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