Because spinning is good for you

Let’s start by stating the obvious. Any physical activity, if done with steadfastness and dedication, brings great benefits to one’s well-being. In short: football, tennis, swimming, dancing and so forth.

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Today, however, we want to focus on an activity that has boomed in the past few decades. Born in America, Spinning did not reach European fitness circles until the second half of the 1990s. Let’s see, then, why spinning is good for you.

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What is spinning

The discipline was introduced in 1989 by Jonathan Goldberg, A true guru and reference point for all spinning practitioners. The aerobic activity designed by Goldberg is designed towards training and coordinating muscles in the lower body.

So, without riding a bike, you can comfortably ride a stationary bike and let your calf muscles, buttocks, and thighs work intensely. At the same time, the abdominal muscles are put under pressure. Besides other similar activities such as water biking and exercise bike, spinning belongs to the category of indoor cycling.

However, the real advantage of spinning is to embark on an imaginary journey. Yes, because the teacher directs his students towards a goal that does not exist. This psychological mechanism prompts athletes to reach the goal.

For this purpose, during the activity, it is customary to switch the intensity and type of the path. Music and colorful lights are the background for climbing, descending and riding flat rides. The idea is to make an activity dynamic that can be monotonous in the long run. All without giving up on the fun.

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Why it’s good: the benefits

Being a cardio fitness activity, spinning provides impressive benefits from both a cardiovascular and circulatory standpoint. In fact, spinning means strengthening the heart and reducing the heartbeat when it is at rest, thus preventing any diseases.

It goes without saying how effective spinning practice can reduce physical and mental fatigue. Long, hard runs in the gym increase physical endurance, strengthen the body’s muscles, and strengthen the immune system.

Cycling with spin is also important in regards to metabolism. It is a practice that helps speed it up and thus facilitate the digestive process.

With spinning you sweat a lot. Sweating means a lot Get rid of toxins from the body And reduce stress levels by releasing endorphins.

Last but not least, we have the option of indoor cycling. This can save us from exposure to bad weather and seasonal diseases. Especially in winter.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings for this article, which they can refer World Health Organization”)

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