Because now there is a risk of division

On the one hand, the skeptics, on the other hand, are those who see a renewed coincidence between sacred palaces and institutions: Mario Draghi It causes mixed reactions. This applies to political circles, but also to Catholic circles, whether they are ecclesiastical or not.

It is not just traditionalists who are concerned about the former ECB president’s alleged commitment to the stigmatized European Union. Even the most progressive – at least those who have looked positively at the triangles between Church, the Gelorian and the East – express more than a little perplexity.

From the perspective of Vatican diplomacy, it means the Draghi government above all Atlantisimo. At least that is what can be deduced from the approach of a man associated with the United States and the European Union. A position that may not be shared by those who have positively seen the axis shift in the direction of the People’s Republic of China, at least in part of the Vatican. There are at least two flashed fronts due to the new training course that is about to open at Palazzo Chigi. There are those who reveal a different but still clear anxiety compared to what Conte has shown, and those who sail on the wings of optimism, trust Draghi to be synonymous with diplomatic normalization. The former majority seemed to prefer the new Silk Roads over the traditional political economic channels with Washington. And the Vatican too, at least throughout the United States’ presidency Donald TrumpIn these terms, as evidenced by the openness to Beijing and the toughness of the new path in the United States.

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Then Donald Trump lost the election, lost diplomatic multilateralism Pietro Parolin You should take note of The United States ‘comeback’, With all that could ensue from the centralization of the United States. A topic that has clearly split the Church already, and is divided over support for Trump and the liberal world. Who now risks being divided not only over the new Romanian diplomacy, but also over the personality of the former ECB president himself and what he wants or can do.

As indicated Truth, for him Christian family More than a few quotes appeared that may be subject to interpretation. First, above all, he appears particularly skeptical of the responsible president, who should revoke the reservation by the end of the second week of February. A theologian From Lateran Pino Lorisio. In his essay, referring to the link between Draghi and the Catholic Church, we read: “We cannot forget that the formation in a Jesuit college certainly does not constitute a guarantee of fidelity to the Gospel.” The phrase combined with the reference to “bad powers” and candle rituals in the papal elections (suppressed before the new pope as she says “sic transit Gloria Mundi”) almost wants to evoke a bath of humility for the responsible new prime minister but also to extinguish easy enthusiasm. Therefore, even some church circles are waiting for deviations on a practical level before taking a stand.

With regard to the “Vatican parties”, it can be said that we are the usual side, with progressive extremists and conservatives who content themselves with occupying completely opposing sides of the field, while the silent majority ceaselessly awaits, perhaps with a certain dose of optimism, the outcome of political trials. Pope Francesco His name is Mario Draghi As a full member of the Academy of Social Sciences in July 2020: Someone interpreted this move as a kind of anticipation. But it is not appropriate to rely on the background. Draghi is definitely an ordinary man Bergoglio See with satisfaction.

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The Church has spoken moderately until this point. No round trip or approx. Among the supporters of the Draghi government, the father can be considered with certainty Antonio Spadaro, Who has expressed himself positively, also confirms how the Pope warned at unexpected times, namely in 2014, the ruling class It will “keep away from people”. In short, help for technicians with the former head of the European Central Bank in the foreground. Not infrequently, Mario Draghi opened the fortieth meeting in Rimini, stressing the need to end subsidies and support youth employment policies. In short, the Catholic Church cannot be defined as far from a responsible Prime Minister.

Yes, Mario Draghi was trained by the Jesuits, but for some clergy, certifying the proximity license is not sufficient. Left canon. In fact, Draghi has been repeatedly compared to the liberal, moderate, and Catholic center-right during his institutional career. And perhaps that is why progressive Catholics did not react to the easy-going enthusiasm we are used to in this frenzied yellow-to-red phase.

Those who have no doubt about what to do live Traditional camp: The fact that Draghi played the first role of the European Central Bank is for the Catholic far-right synonymous with monetary. Because Catholicism and its faith cannot support such an explicit form of monetary capitalism. For this reason, it is not difficult to find critical analyzes of Draghi promoted by the Catholic Right through the blog. They are the same people who sympathized with Trump. But even in that family, on closer examination, more than a few different opinions can be recorded. Professional life hopes, for example, that Conte and Gialorossi’s agenda – also cut short in Zan-Scalfarotto – is placed on the back burner. There is wait and see. But the hope is that Draghi does not prove to be a secularist about “non-negotiable values.” The Catholic Church and Catholics are usually discussing the man called to lead the “national salvation”.

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