Bebe Vio presents her prosthetics

Amputation of the legs and arms after surgery for a misdiagnosis of cancer. The new birth thanks to the help of Bebe Vio who helped her find prostheses …

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Amputation of the legs and arms after surgery for a misdiagnosis of cancer. The new birth is thanks to the help of Bebe Vio, who helped her find the best prosthetics for her and gave her psychological support and, now, the operation. Incredible story of Anna Leonori46 years old, from Terni, mother of two sons who today, after four years, face an epic trial.
«I had to relive my ordeal, to undergo a visit before about fifteen experts. All of this is pending my redress for the damages I have suffered. The thing that hurts me is that the hospital in my city of Terni has not even called me to visit me for all these years. ” Leonori has just returned from the medical examination ordered by the civil court as part of the preventive technical assessment. The expert committee will have to speak about the damage suffered by Anna, who For a year, thanks to the advice of the protagonist Baby Vieux, she has been using the new generation of prostheses bought thanks to many good people.For the ordeal that led Anna to lose her legs and arms, the “Santa Maria” hospital in Terni and the Regina Elena hospital in Rome and the Romagna Ausl Hospital.Attorney Francesca Abbati has submitted an application to open a claim for compensation for the damages suffered by the woman, mother of two children, aged 13 and 17, to the premises she has treated.An unsuccessful procedure, to the point that Abbate and his colleague, Simona Leonelli, were forced to resort to Civil Court.

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“Expensive prostheses bought thanks to fundraising from voluntary and private associations have changed my life – says Anna. I am well aware that I will never have autonomy again, but they have given me back a minimum of dignity in everyday life. Everyday life consists of many things , some of which I will never be able to do on my own again, others thanks to prostheses, yes. The problem is that they are deteriorating and are only guaranteed for 2 years. The need to make up for what I have suffered is not a whim. I live every day with the worry that a piece may come off She breaks, which could force me back into a wheelchair.” The ordeal began in 2014, when Anna received the terrible diagnosis, that of a malignant tumor that required invasive surgery. She went elsewhere, and had surgery in Rome with her uterus, ovaries, 40 lymph nodes, and bladder removed, and replaced with ones from her uterus. Histology would show that it was not a tumor. Since then, for 4 years, infection, fever, excruciating pain, hospitalization. Until October 7, 2017, when she was hospitalized and operated on for “acute generalized peritonitis due to perforation of the new bladder” which was performed after a cancer diagnosis. From there a month and a half in a deep coma in intensive care, moving to Cesena and the harsh reality that required amputation of both legs and arms. Anna thinks about what Baby View told her in her darkest moment: “You will learn to move from place to place and in your bags you will have nothing but prostheses. You will live a life as close to normal as possible.” She, facing life with incredible strength “thanks to the children, my backbone” is just waiting for justice. “The experts will finish their work next June. I do not know how this stage will end but I know for sure that they will not get rid of me in any way. If necessary, I will also face trial.”

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