Beau Gasol Barcelona, ​​the Spaniard, returns to the Blaugrana until the end of the season. News

Pau Gasol-Barcelona, ​​the Spaniard returns to Blaugrana: hold until the end of the season

Paw Gasol, Richard Giles photo, CCY BY-SA 2-0

Paw Gasol Refer to the Barcelona 20 years after bidding farewell to the direction of the NBA. The only official is missing, but as reported by Spanish media, the former Lakers star has now been reintegrated into the squad he grew up in. The confirmation came from Barcelona’s presidential candidate Tony Freyixa, Who posted a photo of Pau Gasol in a Barcelona shirt on Twitter.

The leaders of the regular season of Euroleague 2020-2021 will sign the 40-year-old Spanish basketball player until the end of the season. For Gasol, it was paused for some time after a short experiment with i Milwaukee Bucks And the most fleeting (without any assets) with Portland, Is a good chance to compete again in the level team in anticipation Tokyo Olympics 2021. But above all, it is a return to the Spanish champion, who with Barcelona won two Spanish championships and the Copa del Rey at a very young age, before landing in the United States and winning two episodes with the Lakers in 2009 and 2010.

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