‘Bear. Writings from Northeastern Syria: The book that collects the ideas of the Italian Lorenzo Ursetti who died fighting Isis

There is not alone conflictThe gunman left L. Northeast of Siriano To fight a war that critics described as “not his war.” He is not even alone Bear, Comrade chaotic Imbued with the ideals of equality and freedom that he saw in Kurdish issue In the Democratic Confederation A model that applies to the rest of the world. There is also Lorenzo, Born in 1986 from Florence, who held many jobs but at one point felt the need to fight for an ideal even of himself. Two years after his death on the front Al-BaghouzIn the province Deer Al ZourFacebook’s writings, messages, notes, and posts Lorenzo Orcity For 18 months he stayed in the ranks People’s Protection Unit (YPG) The Kurds became a book: Bear. Written from northeast Syria (Red Star Press, 2021).

The reason we chose to collect this material and turn it into a book is precisely to inform everyone who Lorenzo was, not just Tekoşer, as explained by family members who helped collect his messages: “We, our family members, consider them important,
To make Lorenzo known, to say one more thing. For example, what he wants and continues to arouse him, if he is still in his pain
You will live and fight Or if he has closed in on himself, if he knows Bear the pain, If he is still able to suffer with others, or if he tries to escape from reality. Despite his defeats, Lorenzo still retains hope and ability Love without reservation The children, women and men that fate has placed next to him. For this love he was able to sacrifice himself, a Abandon physical goods; He could see the beauty hidden behind the horrors of war and despite the daily existence of death he knew how to appreciate and enjoy the little things in life. “

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Through reading this chronological flow of ideas, stories and battles, we find the daily life of war, which consists of pauses, moments of camaraderie, friendship, Glorifying life’s little joys, Like the birth of a new garbage, cut it constantly A. Shelling, Ambush the Islamic country, a Dead mate Or disappointed by the indifference of the major world powers involved in the conflict. Indifference may have hurt Orsetti the most during his stay: seeing the tortured corpses of men, women and children during the Turkish campaign on AfrinHis first meal and Indifference from NATO allies Because the massacre suffered by the Kurds who lived in the border city between Syria and Turkey caused a wave of anger. So much so, that, at a certain point, he came to say, “To the next Bataclan I will not shed a tear. ”Perhaps an instinctive response, dictated by disappointment, a massacre that could have been prevented, but ignored instead.

Instinctive because, in fact, Orcity shows in his stories an almost instinctive love for his neighbor. There is no hatred even for ISIS captives, those who, even a few minutes ago, would have blown themselves up to kill him or his comrades. But an experience Western Kurdistan He was allowed, and this appears strongly, to be seen Two sides of life: The welfare of those who live in Europe and the final condemnation of peoples at war. “For me, the problem is not“ if we can get out of this prison ”- as he wrote in his first letter – but“ how comfortable it is to stay in this prison. ”None of us really wants to get out of it. This is the central ideological knot for me. Meaning, the use of the term “prison” coincides with this ideological ambiguity. The walls you see around us are not our prisons, but the prisons of others. “

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Based on this assumption, the story of battles, memories of close friendships, ideas of “comrades” at home and the future of Rojava mixed in an atmosphere of Constant unpredictability and alertness Which has the colors and flavors of sand, sweat and dirt in northeastern Syria. That does not give any respite, such as enemy attacks.

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