Be careful where we put toilet paper as we may risk health problems including major infections

Toilet paper is used by everyone to clean themselves after going to the bathroom. Not many people notice it, but we assume that it should be placed in a roll holder next to the toilet. About 50 or 60 cm from the floor, out of convenience. In fact, there is nothing wrong with a bathroom at home and more dangerous in a public bathroom.

Most of these bathrooms do not comply with the rules of hygiene, and when the toilet is flushed, stains of dirty water can fall on the drum, contaminating it with germs that are dangerous to our health. Even if I put toilet paper At this point in the bathroom It may seem comfortable in fact, it is very dangerous, even in our homes. Toilet spray can reach a height of more than a meter and settle on everything around it.
By cleaning our private parts, we run the risk of contracting an infection such as Escherichia coli. So be careful where we put toilet paper.


L ‘Escherichia coli It is a type of bacteria normally found in the intestines, but some strains can cause infections in the digestive tract, urinary tract and other parts of the body, especially in people who are already debilitated.
coli serotypes can also be found in the urinary tract causing cystitis which, if left untreated, causes more serious infections.

Be careful where we put toilet paper as we may risk health problems including major infections

To avoid all of these risks, it is essential not to use toilet paper rolls in public restrooms if they are placed next to the toilet, and to always carry disposable paper towels when necessary.
On the contrary, at home it is enough to lower the toilet seat immediately after pulling out the drain, or put a roll of toilet paper in front of water. Another solution is to purchase a roll holder with a cap or one that protects the roll from any splashes.

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