Be careful, we eat it a lot but this food can be dangerous in August

Nutrition and health often go hand in hand. We in Italy know this very well, since there are plenty of fruits, vegetables and fish in the Mediterranean diet. However, there are many other exceptional products in abundance in this beautiful country. The latter, if consumed according to the standards and always following the advice of doctors, is often found on our tables. In the summer, it gets a little more complicated, and it deserves proper thought. In fact, be careful, we eat it a lot but this food can be dangerous in August.

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We all know healthcare in Lombard, and not only in Italy, but throughout Europe and the United States, in fact, it is one of the recognized Italian franchises. We at ProiezionidiBorsa are always here and we only want to hear the opinion of the most reliable experts when we recommend the reader to take action. In this case we want to talk about nutrition and well-being, especially for August.

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Of course, this August is strange in large parts of Italy, with a few really hot days. However, it is always summer and so we should pay more attention to what we eat. In particular, this Scientific summary It clearly indicates to us that we should limit the consumption of meat. Let’s see why and what to replace it with. With a little creativity and ingenuity we can make truly amazing dishes.

Be careful, we eat it a lot but this food can be dangerous in August

In particular, doctors are keen to point out that we should not eat meat when it is hot. Especially the red color, which is heavier to digest. In fact, what experts suggest is replacing it with fish, vegetables, and fruits. We at ProiezionidiBorsa embrace this line of thought and that is precisely why we wrote an article. More precisely, it is a recipe that suggests to the reader a specific consumption peach type Which we often overlook, but really excellent.

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(We remind you to carefully read the warnings of this article, which can be referenced Who is the”)

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