Be careful entering your passwords this way: it’s a very risky technique

A fairly common and very convenient practice, but it can backfire on you and have serious consequences. If you try to enter your passwords like this, we advise you to stop as soon as possible

Caution and attention When you decide to surf the internet, there won’t be much. Especially in the historical period in which we live, which is characterized by its continuity Phishing Attempts, Hacker Attacks and Malware And so on and so forth. Hackers and cybercriminals are developing more and more intelligent systems to deceive users and trap more victims.

Be careful to enter passwords this way, because you may face serious consequences (Adobe Stock)

Among the most sought-after users’ “assets” there is undoubtedly passwords. It’s always a good idea to protect yourself, pick the complicated stuff, and differ from one location to another. But there are also techniques for saving your personal tokens which is strongly discouragedbecause they risk giving your saved data to other people and malicious people.

Passwords are at risk, don’t enter them this way or you risk too much

Among the many innovations offered with Windows 11 2022 Update Safety-related, it is worth noting that Improved phishing protection. It’s a useful tool, which notifies the user when they type a password in Notepad, reuse the same password and then enter it into the app or other hacked sites. Very simple and effective alerts to alert and warn users. To proceed with activation, simply go to the App and browser control section of Windows Security. Here you will find Three distinct options With many safety warnings.

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Here’s everything you need to know about it and actions to avoid (Adobe Stock)

Once you enter the code in hacked apps or websites, The operating system itself will be the one that triggers the warnings and recommends an immediate change. This is because the code entered was most likely stolen during the phishing attack. Another useful caveat is what appears when using credentials The same for multiple accounts. Finally, the alert when you keep a code Notepad, WordPad, or Office applications.

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This last point should be especially taken into account, since saving code in these programs can have very serious consequences. It is better to use password manager, So you can safely save credentials and other useful data, without the risk of getting into unpleasant situations.

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