Be careful because women who do not lose their thighs and hips despite their diet should do so

To achieve an ideal physique, it is often not enough to give up calorie meals and engage in normal physical activity. This especially happens when women have a certain body shape and training does not take this aspect into account. Weight accumulation most often occurs in the upper body region, while at other times it occurs in the lower region.

Care must be taken that women who do not lose their thighs and hips despite their diet should do so and follow this specific type of training. Here’s how to tell if your body belongs to the “genoid” category and what training to do.

What does it mean to be a Jenoid woman and what are the differences involved in training

Gender morphology is what everyone generally knows aspear shape“. This category of women gains weight more easily in the area of ​​the buttocks, thighs and hips. However, the shoulders are narrow, the chest is thin and the stomach is flat. These women often follow diets and exercise without great results.

Other times, weight loss occurs in the upper body without losing any centimeters in the lower body. These women have increased water retention and localized cellulite in the leg area and often experience swelling in the lower body. So what are the best exercises in these situations?

Be careful because women who do not lose their thighs and hips despite their diet should do so

Studies on targeted exercises For localized fats only in certain areas of the body, it still continues. The latest research is trying to show that targeted training undoubtedly helps to improve the situation.

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The ideal exercise for this body type has two main moments. In the morning there will be a cardio fitness exercise to wake up the muscles and in the afternoon it will be aimed at toning and slimming. The assistance of an experienced athletic trainer who will base the exercise on his physical characteristics will be essential. The biggest benefits then will be in walking along with a healthy diet and healthy living that includes proper hours of rest.

Some exercises for women in the shape of a pear

free calf: This is raising the toes and slowly descending on the heel;

leg curlIt is an exercise with loads that works on some muscles of the legs using a specific tool. At home, you can lay your body on your stomach on the mat and raise your head and upper body.

Tie a rubber band under the extended leg’s foot and insert the other end into the ankle of the opposite leg. Raise this last leg to 90 degrees while the other remains still.

The last exercise is Climb on the step.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings of this article, which can be referenced Who is the”)

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