Be careful as those who sleep like this may have health problems

Sleep quality is essential to the well-being of the body. Posture taken during the night can have a positive and negative impact on health. For this reason, incorrect situations should be avoided.

On average, a person sleeps more than 200,000 hours in his lifetime, which is approximately 25 years of his life. It is immortality, so you should try to do it in the best possible way.

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Be careful as those who sleep like this may have a health problem

The sleeping position is difficult to control. In fact, this is why so often it happens to fall asleep in one position and wake up somewhere else in the morning. However, those who can only sleep on their stomachs may have problems with the cervical vertebrae. The consequences could be neck pain, back problems, and headaches.

Therefore, sleeping in this position causes many health problems. The solution to the problem is to remove the pillow from under the neck and add a low pillow in the abdomen / lower abdomen area. This way you will avoid straining the lower back.

Care must be taken as anyone who sleeps like this could have a health problem. But it is not the only problematic situation. Let’s see others.

Heart disease and stroke

Snoring at night, even if you sleep on your back, can be a symptom of some medical conditions. To alleviate this annoying problem, you can decide to sleep on several pillows, in order to make breathing easier.

If loud snoring is accompanied by fatigue and a migraine the next morning, it may be a symptom of sleep apnea. L ‘Sleep Apnea It is a disease that involves involuntary interruption of breathing during sleep. In severe cases, apnea can occur hundreds of times in a single night. It is very dangerous because it can cause heart disease and stroke.

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Spine problems

This is a problem for side sleepers. This position can stress the lower back. To reduce the weight and return the hips to their normal position, a pillow may be placed between the knees.

This will also improve the overall position of the pelvis and spine. There are many types of Pillows It perfectly adapts to the shape of the knees. The result is palpable, vision is believability!

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