BBC: Debate over how to replace license fees is still very open in London

London continues to think of future avenues for funding the BBC

Why EchosWritten by Ingrid Forstein, p. 17

Although the resignation Boris Johnson And the election to appoint a successor, discuss financing BBC continue. In a long-awaited report, the House of Lords made new proposals to replace Sharia, which is considered obsolete in the era Netflix The £159 fee brings the public broadcasting service £3.8 billion a year, or three-quarters of its revenue. Over the years, it has become the subject of intense political debate between proponents of its abolition and those who advocate maintaining a robust public service, ud1 of British soft power. Unlike the Minister of Culture, Nadine Bornes, which came in January in favor of an end to license fees in 2027, Lords believes that public funding must be preserved and that funding through advertising or subscription will not generate the necessary revenue. These debates seemed very smiley and receded into a binary logic: for or against the law. This is not very constructive,” the report states. Several ideas have been put forward to update BBC funding.

The current fee could be replaced by a tax linked to the municipal tax, making it possible to “take greater account of the financial capacity of households”. This tax will no longer depend on owning a TV, a requirement that appears to have been overcome by the change in use. according to Enders AnalyticsWhen they watch videos, their families kingdom united They spend half of their time watching live TV, up from 87% in 2010. The percentage of time they spend watching video on demand, replays, or onYoú is constantly increasing. This trend is expected to increase by 2027, especially among young people. Other income-based schemes, such as additional income tax, may be considered. Another possibility is to keep the license, but with concessions to the poorest families. In any case, Lords ruled out the possibility of funding the BBC with a government grant, with the risk of “undermining its editorial independence”. In France, the rent was based on the abolition of the housing tax, and funding for public media would be included in the budget.
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