Battlefield 6 and Battlefield Mobile, first official release and details from DICE –

Battlefield 6 e Battlefield Mobile Are new projects started Dice Running in the context of the popular franchise: The first will be released this fall on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S, and the second will arrive within 2022.

Waiting to see if Battlefield 6 will be revealed in May, the first aircraft will arrive Official details In the project, it is under development at DICE, DICE LA and Criterion. To reveal them is General Manager Oscar Gabrielson.

“I know everyone wants information on the news battlefield For this year, and I promise we will have a lot to show you in the coming months, “Gabrielson wrote.” We are organizing some things to reveal the first episode of the next generation of the series, and we cannot wait to show it to you. “

“First and foremost we are pleased to be able to count on him Largest Battlefield development team ever, Which is working on the upcoming chapter on PCs and Next Generation Devices. Second, we have something really important to talk about in terms of mobile devices! “

Battlefield is an official artwork from Episode 4.

Our friends standard e Says We’re working with us on a shared vision for the game, as the Gutenberg team takes this episode technology to a new level. So we are all creating an amazing experience that you can have in 2021. ”

“At the moment, we are doing daily operating tests of the modes, enhancements and balance, in order to make this game The best possible Battlefield. I can tell you that this is a big step forward for the franchise. “

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“Everything you love about the series will be inside, and it will all be taken to a new level: massive maps, full blast military warfare, crazy and unexpected sequences, changeable destruction, massive multiplayer battles and more chaos than ever, make it possible Through potential ComputerAnd the PS5 e Xbox Series X | S. “

“We have always wanted to bring Battlefield to new platforms, and therefore, after years of prototyping, I am very pleased to announce that our friends at Industrial Toys, who work closely with us at DICE, are developing an entirely new episode for smart phone e Waved, Due out in 2022.

“It’Stand alone experience, Something very different from the game that we make for computers and consoles, and it is specially designed for mobile devices. Designed from the ground up to make the portable, feature-packed, skill-focused Battlefield experience possible. “

“This mobile game will now be in a testing phase ahead of its launch next year, so expect more details. I can’t wait to show you both of the games we’re working on – in the meantime, stay safe and play Battlefield!”

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