Battlefield 2042 Sales Below Expectations: EA Talks –

the sales From Battlefield 2042 was below Expectations: mention it she He added during the last phone call that the game’s performance forced the company to lower its forecast by $100 million.

A few days ago, rumors spread that Battlefield 2042 could become a free game, and official data does not deny the validity of this hypothesis, with the publisher wanting to explain Reasons from this failure.

Electronic Arts cited the duty of working from home making developers difficult, and some technical problem That the team had to work while making the game and a number of design choices the community didn’t appreciate.

Leaker Tom Henderson noted that the company declined to provide official Battlefield 2042 sales figures, and reiterated to investors on two occasions that the game accounts for no more than 10% of their sales.

In short, there was an attempt to reduce the percentage of this failure, which, however, would not affect the developers’ desire to create new content for the launcher, despite the obvious delay compared to what various competitors do.

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