Battery light, this way you can remove it in a second: amazing but true

The battery light is on –

A bad battery can lead to many problems. If the light comes on and the car starts to have a problem, we can fix it like this

How many of us have climbed into the car, inserted the key into the cylinder and turned it, realizing that the battery had planted us to the ground? It is located at about a A very frequent situation, especially in winterwhen the cold temperatures can play tricks on you.

When this happens, we usually don’t really expect it, because The battery may not give any advance warning And it caused us a lot of trouble, because any unexpected event on the road map could force us to revise our plans.

Before you panic and start making phone calls to cancel commitments and appointments, we can give it a try Find a quick solution to the problem without spending a euro on a tow truck but only five minutes of our time.

Tricks to avoid low battery

Calling roadside assistance for a problem as trivial as a dead battery can only prolong the recovery process. A procedure that would instead be much simpler and faster than we think if it were only applied Some useful tricks. First, to avoid a nasty surprise next time, we must Remember to always turn off the car’s lights before turning off the engine. Many of us don’t think about it and do the opposite, but this leads to unnecessary battery waste.

For those who don’t use the car often, it is Suitable every 10-15 days at most, start it even if you don’t really need to use it. We can go for a short walk around the neighborhood or wait at least ten minutes when we are still, with the engine running, to generate enough energy to at least partially recharge the battery. By standing still, it will drain more easily, which is why it is necessary from time to time Engine acceleration for a long time of not using the car.

Push start engine –

How to start the engine with a dead battery

The most professional of us would know that There are at least two systems that are guaranteed to start the engine with a dead battery. The first is to use a mobile device called reinforcement. It is nothing more than a kind of emergency collector with two cables connected to the positive and negative poles of our battery. Once connected, the device It sends an electric shock to the battery which will be enough to start the car.

The second system, less comfortable, but still effective, is Press the start button. If we choose the latter, we must first find two people willing to pay. We can be more fortunate and find ourselves already downhill, then everything will be easier. Once the vehicle has reached sufficient speed To engage in the second without showing much resistance, Let’s take the lead. The procedure should be fast: Hold the clutch while engaging second gear and then gradually release it while simultaneously applying a little gas to the accelerator pedal. If our helpers press hard enough, this simple operation will be enough to start the engine. Let’s get enough space on the street to do this maneuver without getting in too much of a way. Let’s remember to never turn off the engine and keep it running smoothly For at least 20-30 minutes. In this time frame it is recommended Reach out to an auto electrician as the battery may need to be replaced.

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