Bata, Torto, Jacobs, and Deszalo: The Fantastic Four are back

Portrait of the Golden Quartet: Bata, Torto, Jacobs and Desallo

The gold-medal quartet at the Tokyo Games in Rome trains at Aqua Assetusa

Sassari. Get back together on the right track. Marcel Jacobs, Filippo Torto, Fausto Desalo and Lorenzo Batta, after the magical gold medal in the 4×100 relay at the Tokyo Olympics with the Italian record 37”50, met yesterday in Rome, at “Paulo Rossi” del Acqua Assetusa, on the day The first of the blue relay meeting that will last until Saturday.

It’s only been seven months since that legendary gold medal (it was on August 6, 2021) and the Fantastic Four is back in action to podium at the World Championships in Eugenie, USA (15-24 July) and then to Europe in Munich (from 15 to 21 August).

“Let’s talk about us and not about football,” they said in the choir at the first press conference after the win. be satisfied. The Azzurri are out of the Qatar World Cup, and now all attention will be focused on the Blue Quartet. Marcel Jacobs, Fausto Desalo, Sardinian Filippo Torto and Lorenzo Batta met again yesterday, and between selfies and hugs, they made a pact: “We will do everything to return to the top of the world.”

An unusual assignment from Tokyo that no one betted a dime on the eve. But the Fantastic Four won by a hundredth of a second thanks to the Tortoise sprint. In front of Great Britain, she was then dramatically disqualified from the podium after the discovery of positive doping for one of the relay runners, Ugah.

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Bata, Tortue, Desalo and Jacobs train again with orders from Speed ​​Blues boss Filippo de Molo and collaborator Giorgio Frignoli, and are back to practice stick passing and the manual skills of gearboxes. Among the teams there are also Cagliari and Anderson Polanco, booking the gold relay in Tokyo.

Dalia Kadari, the European champion in fourth under 23 of the 200 metres, also arrived in Rome preparing for the women’s 4 x 100 metres. (gz)

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