Basketball, volleyball and fitness area as well as a new gym

This is how the new gymnasium will appear, which will be built near the Valsalva schools in the pool area

Imola, March 7, 2023 – behind It covers an area of ​​730 square metres, with a height of nearly seven and a half meters. A basketball court and two volleyball courts, as well as a fitness space. This is what the new “consumption-free” gymnasium for Roji Sports Complex will look like. The board approved the technical and economic feasibility project by Imola-based architecture studio Arklab for the $3 million works and decided to replace the large basin cover plan for the municipal swimming pool (which had become too expensive due to rising raw materials) without losing funding from Pnrr. It is precisely in order to respect the stakes of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan that works must now be commissioned by March 31.

the new The Hulk, as he is known, will be born near Valsalva Middle School and PalaRuggi. According to the report accompanying the project, the new gymnasium was designed as a single rectangular volume divided into two blocks. On one side is a basketball court and two volleyball courts. On the other hand, the service space is divided into two floors. Four changing rooms, toilets and an infirmary will be built on the ground floor; On the first floor, a gymnasium for fitness activities and two technical rooms. The environment will be naturally lit by 2.70 meter high windows along the entire western side of the building and a sash window running along the eastern and northern sides.

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It is envisaged that two different entrances will be built depending on the type of user: the first to the west, for the Valsalva School; the second in the south for sports clubs, nationals, or other schools. For the outdoor area, at the entrances, there will be stone-paved footpaths and two walkways. For the construction of the new building, part of the existing fence separating the school from the rest of the urban area will be demolished. Part of the paving connected to the adjacent area and some trees are also planned to be removed.

“the new The building has been developed to comply with the improved standards of approximately 20% energy buildings – reads the report accompanying the project – i.e. able to generate surplus energy in relation to its own needs. For this reason it was necessary to ensure a high level of energy performance through design measures that concerned the thermal insulation of the envelope, the installation of a high performance heating system and the installation of a 55.20 Kwp peak photovoltaic system. The radiant floor system will be assisted by a system to remove moisture from the environment to avoid the formation of condensation on the glass surfaces.”

like Already mentioned, the schedule does not allow observation. Although these are very different works, the roadmap for the construction of the new gymnasium should in fact follow what was initially planned for the roof of the PalaRuggi pool. This is because both projects must meet deadlines set by Pnrr. The works must therefore be commissioned by March 31, while the construction site could start at the end of summer and then be completed in June 2024.

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