Basketball, Sports Books: Golden State Warriors, the ‘winning machine’ that marked the last decade of the NBA

“Golden State Warriors – The Machine of Victory”, Ethan Sherwood Strauss – Translated by Lorenzo Vita (66thand2nd)

In the NBA season where I Golden State Warriors They play a leading role, once again, out in Italy “Golden State Warriors – Victory Machine”, the book written by Ethan Sherwood Strauss that publishing house “66thand2nd” Released with subtitles Lorenzo Vita. A script that traces the final decade of the Bay Area franchise, able to go from being kind of a joke to a true strain, with 5 endings between 2015 and 2019, and Three NBA champion titles, before the crash and the worst record of the 2019-20 season, 15 won and lost 50 (close-up year).


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In his work, released in the United States at the end of April 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, the author takes us behind the scenes Golden State WarriorsHe brought tales, revelations, controversy, envy, jealousy and pressures, and it is He who is beat witterReporter with Dubs since 2010, for the first time ESPN Then from 2017 to the athlete. Starting from 2010 when Joe Lacob NS Peter Guber, two entrepreneurs originally from Boston have taken over the franchise, so far almost in disarray, with an exciting string of failures. Then the ascent begins thanks to the strengthening Stephen Curry, to choose a different project Klay Thompson NS Draymond Green, Access Iguodala Then the coach Steve Care.

However, the real boundary was 2016 when Golden State, new from the standard season for 73 wins But from the heartbreaking defeat in the finals against compete from LeBron James NS Irving compilation of 1-3Hired a free agent Kevin Durant. A move that made me even worse and very “hateful” the Warriors About the league, e Joe Lacob Even other CEOs put up with him badly, he’s the arrogant type, full of himself and overly certainty with his own ideas. King KD, who is also pictured on the cover of the book, becomes “a moot point” because after signing the two titles for 2017 and 2018, in season 2018-19 This brought uncertainty and uncertainty given his free agent status the following summer. One summer, that 2019, where the “game” the Warriors Crumble, literally: serious injuries Durant NS ThomsonDefeat in the final match TorontoAnd the later farewell KD for every Brooklyn (In addition to selling Iguodala wage needs).

A book that has raised, among other things, a good number of controversies Ethan Sherwood Strauss NS Kevin Durant, which misunderstood and reconstructed some of the details revealed by the author. This is exactly what fascinates “Golden State Warriors – Victory Machine”, where we are not specifically talking about basketball and technical aspects, but we go out of the parquet to understand how in a few years this has become one of the most valuable privileges in NBA, able to move to brilliance San Francisco in the new Chase Center, and to become an absolute management model in the sports field.

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