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In a particular Olympics, at least, because it takes three years instead of the usual four, it’s really time to go and find out what it takes to play the Paris 2024 Games Regarding basketball. The path, for a while, will be the same as in the past four or even five years.

The places available to grab, in particular, are 12. Or better, 11: one is, in fact, already locked to France, which is not only an organized country, but also a silver medal around its neck that arrived in Tokyo a few months ago. Ironically, he also beat the United States in the opening match, but the result was reversed in the final.

Seven additional passes will be granted during the 2023 World CupAnd expected in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia, with the participation of 32 teams. Of these, seven will be directly accepted into the five-circle exhibition.

Basketball, World Cup 2023 Qualifiers: Italy, a fictional vision. There is no certainty about the future

In particular, the best European players, the best Americans, the best Asian, the best ocean and the best African will enter. The Asia-Oceania discourse is not based, to some extent, on the fact that these two geographical regions are united at the FIBA ​​level.

The other four teams enter from the pre-Olympic tournament, which takes place a few weeks before the Olympics. These have often and voluntarily changed the way they do business: the latest FIBA ​​reforms, at least for the time being, have stabilized the situation with four six-team tournaments with groups of three, and the semi-finals and finals with a winning break-pass pick.

As for the pre-Olympic games, the method of entry is double. One is based on the 2023 World Cup, and features the top 16 teams that are not eligible for the Olympics. On the other hand, the other refers to the FIBA ​​world rankings: the two best teams in the FIBA ​​region that have not qualified through the World Cup can play in the pre-Olympic games.

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