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Mike James, after being sidelined by coach Etudes, leaves CSKA to move to the NBA. Destination Brooklyn Nets, Team James Harden, Kevin Durant and Kerry Irving. To report this is Eurohoops’ Chema De Lucas. James still had a two-year contract with the Russian Federation, but was allowed, given the situation that arose, to agree with any interested NBA franchises.

James, the unstoppable star and scorer in Europe, will clearly have another role in the NBA. All this because he signed with the main candidate to conquer the ring, who can boast of a talented roster that is unparalleled in the world. Former Olympia Milano will officially replace Lamarcus Aldridge, who retired from basketball a few days earlier due to a heart problem.

In the two seasons he played with CSKA, James produced incredible numbers. Last year, before the competition was suspended, he averaged 21.1 points in the Euroleague and this year he was placing 19.3 points per game in the premier continental competition.

However, the former Olympia Milan had already played in the NBA in the 2017-2018 season, donning the jerseys of the New Orleans Pelicans and the Phoenix Suns. However, he hadn’t shone with both jackets. The impression, in fact, is that James is better suited to play as a star in Europe than to play a supporting actor in the United States.

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