Basic levels of health care, the Ministry rejects Sardinia

The Sardinian regional health system does not guarantee basic levels of assistance. Testimony of a system that is struggling – and getting worse over the years – is included in the latest report from the Department of Health, Published in recent days: the score in the prevention sector is adequate (61.63 out of 100, with a minimum score set at 60), the hospital score is bad (58.71), very bad in regional medicine: 49.34 out of 100 points.

Sardinia does not meet the criteria in two of the three overall assessment areas. Only Calabria and Valle d’Aosta do the worst (three negative reviews out of three). The analysis refers to the year 2021 and from home they determine that the repercussions of the epidemic still affect that period. But it applies to all regions. So the refusal does not lose its power.

To understand, here are some of the parameters used to make a judgment. For the prevention zone, we take into account, among others, Vaccination coverage for children at 24 months of age for each basic course, Coverage of major food contamination control activities, and proportion of people who have had first-level screening tests on the breast or cervix.

Under “help area” you will find Pediatric age-standardized hospitalization rate, alert interval and target for emergency vehicles (i.e. 118 admissions) o Percentage of services guaranteed by deadlines of priority category B in hospital assistance, “the rate of operations for malignant breast tumor performed in wards with an activity volume greater than 150”, Percentage of patients over 65 years of age diagnosed with a femoral neck fracture who had surgery within 2 days Routine or proportional laparoscopic cholecystectomy with less than 3 days postoperative survival. Sectors that are sentinels to monitor performance adequacy.

The island is almost flat with screening (vote 21), it does not provide data on the “number of deaths from cancer with the help of the palliative care network.” on the number of deaths from cancer.

The department reported critical issues “for indicators P01C – vaccination coverage for children at 24 months of age for the basic course (polio, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis B, pertussis, and Haemophilus influenzae type b), and vaccination coverage for children at 24 months of age for the first dose of Measles, mumps and rubella (Mpr) and proportion of subjects who had Level 1 screening tests, in a structured breast, cervical, and colorectal programme. Furthermore, it is confirmed that the region failed to send the Sias, Far, and Hospice streams. There are some critical issues for the Emergency Vehicle Interval Target Alert indicator. There are also many alarms about aid in the hospital sector.

“The report finds Sardinia among the seven Italian regions that have not reached the level of sufficiency,” attacks the regional advisor of the M5s, Desirè Manca, «A fact that describes a sad reality that can no longer be concealed, despite the long and brilliant speech delivered by Health Councilor Carlo Doria before the Regional Council on the occasion of the discussion of the motion of no confidence in him. Every attempt to sweeten reality is collapsing today in the face of data, light years away from the rosy picture that it presented periodically.

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