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Washington – L ‘America last year, the one that did things in a classic way, the ones that existed in the anticipated past days of the so-called empire, political presidents and elected chiefs of generals, and the only time he sent a Hollywood actor to the White House was he picked someone who had appointed him as the governor of California, which It will be the authority of the G7 alone. In post-imperial America that elected Trump, instead, there are Nba basketball players that surround LeBron James. To tell his brothers, my brother, the presidential candidates, and in 2021 it is not a joke but a possibility.

There is no more America than it was before and there are no more athletes than it once was, nor the companies of the past: Now the business world – and sports – are mobilized for social reasons is not a hypothesis, or hope, or an impossible dream (or a nightmare, according to) but a daily reality.

The classic Major League Baseball all-star match, the legendary July All-Star game that brings together the two strongest tournaments, was scheduled to take place in Atlanta, Georgia, but Major League Baseball said no, they’ll change location, at a protest placard. LLM Commissioner, Rob Manfred, LLB Attorney Harvard and a salary of 11 million a year, not exactly an Antifa activist nor a windowbreaker, they had no doubt.: We unequivocally support the right to vote, Goodbye Atlanta (with at least $ 100 million in damage in the induced domestic).

Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, Georgia-based companies? Ed Bastian, CEO, Delta: The premise of this law is based on a lie, that is, on alleged fraud that never happened. Coke? CEO James Quincy: Unacceptable Act, a step back. Practically to the left of Joe Biden, who finally gave a mercy coup by evoking the specter of laws that were limited at the end of the nineteenth century in the southern states. (Like Georgia) the rights of blacks recently freed from slavery.

Americans are pragmatic people who tend to elect pragmatic politicians. If blacks succeeded in winning the Democrats, as happened last November, what solution did the Republicans devise? Simple: Get the fewest votes possible by making it harder to get to polling stations in densely populated African American neighborhoods, vote by mail, and more difficult.

The Republicans, who control Parliament in Georgia, a state that has seen so much Democratic success – and barely predictable even a few months ago – have passed a law that does exactly that (a particularly intriguing passage is what makes it illegal to provide food and water to those waiting in line. To vote, which sometimes takes several hours: Act 98 pages andThe New York TimesThe compulsory reading of the full text found 16 critical points, a frustrating reading).

Immediate congratulations from Barack Obama: In some cases it is necessary to take a stand.

And LeBron James? The strongest basketball player in the NBA tweeted: proud to be part of the MLB family, concluding with the hashtag #blacklivesmatter.

April 3, 2021 (change to April 3, 2021 | 20:54)

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