Bari, a new McDonald’s opens in Tangenziale: appointment on December 31 in Poggiofranco

Arrives on the last day of 2021: McDonald’s opened its new store in Bari on December 31 in the Poggiofranco region. It will be located in the Via Tangenziale Circonvallazione on Adriatica state road 16, near the Dill gas station. The restaurant will employ about 70 people, and will seat 189 between indoors and outdoors.

The show is then completed with McDrive lane and McCafè. Poggiogranco thus became the seventh point of sale of the active American giant between Bari and Casamassima, the second located on a busy road (the other is located in the San Paolo area). It will be open Sunday through Thursday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., and on Friday and Saturday, it will open until 4.

“At the same time it will be possible to take advantage of the take-out service – as they say from McDonald’s – which is strictly disciplined to ensure the safety and health of customers and employees.” Furthermore, restaurant entrances will be limited and products will be delivered offline by staff. “The order can be made independently at kiosks – the offer note also reads – where McDonald’s has implemented exceptional cleaning and sanitizing procedures, or at the cash desk”

. For its part, the McDrive service will operate Monday through Sunday, from 6 until midnight. Thus Bari continues its contacts with the king of fast food, a brand that in Italy alone owns 610 franchised restaurants, which recently elected in the Polynesian capital one of its best managers in the world, 27-year-old Alessandra Marino.

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