Barbieri lounge redesign

A new generation of flexible vinyl and PVC floors, which develops over an area of ​​more than 500 square meters, guarantees tear resistance, sound absorption and dimensional stability for athletes. These are the main characteristics of the maintenance work completed in recent weeks at the Barbieri Gymnasium in the Barbieri – Braglia complex on Via Del Carso in Modena, where the venues now host the activities of students from the Ipsia Fermo Corni High School and gymnastics, fencing and martial arts, are considered Panaro, which operates connected gyms, is more modern and functional. The value of the works carried out by the municipality is about 40 thousand euros.

“Thanks to this intervention – comments Sports Consultant Grazia Baracchi – the administration continues the interventions aimed at improving municipal sports facilities. We aim to make places where children, athletes, citizens, and in this case also students, can exercise the discipline more functionally, also in view of the social value of sport; And to support, through more beautiful and functional spaces, the activity proposed by local companies.”

The intervention in Ward “B” of the Barbieri Sports Facility was necessary due to the conditions of the gym. The floors have deteriorated at some points, in fact, with the danger of not being able to guarantee the safety conditions necessary for the exercise of sports and movement activities. Therefore, the works primarily saw the removal and disposal of the existing rubber – plastic sports floor, which was followed by sanding and smoothing of the substrate. Then the floor was laid: technically, the new surface was made of vinyl, bonded with fiberglass and backed with sheets of PVC; The bottom layer is made of double density foam.

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The floor, certified for fire resistance as required by law, is 6.7 mm thick and covers a total area of ​​502 square metres. The intervention was carried out by Bisport, which also installed the plank in the gym.

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