Barack Obama is 60 years old, and he’s dancing hard on his birthday

Banned photos on social media show dances and gatherings at the huge party

The party was supposed to be 700 people, then the former US president had to reduce the number of guests due to concerns about Covid. But the party on Martha’s Vineyard, on an island off the coast of Massachusetts, wasn’t exactly a party just for close friends and relatives. Among the stars selected by Obama were Chrissy Teigen with her husband John Legend, a Grammy Award-winning singer, and Gabrielle Union, an American actress and former model. Other guests are Tom Hanks, Beyoncé, Bradley Cooper, LeBron James, Steven Spielberg, and Oprah Winfrey.

All party participants had to be vaccinated or exposed to tampons, but photos taken on social media in which many people were seen dancing without a mask sparked controversy. The New York Post published some social photos (later removed) where rallies were seen during the massive event that ran until dawn. Apparently there were about 200 guests.

Could it be fun for you:

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