Barack Obama Discovers Pristine Nature in a Netflix Documentary Series

A trip to the five continents to discover the world and its wonders that must be preserved. Obama and Michelle have opened their own production company and will be making films, series and documentaries with the American audiovisual giant

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Join me in celebrating the greatest national parks and wilderness on our planet.

With these words, former President Barack Obama invited everyone to follow him on a wonderful journey into nature. Our great national parks It is the title of the five-part docu series, on Netflix starting April 13, that promises to travel across five continents sitting comfortably on the sofa.

Obama, Cicero, the modern ecologist

The narrative voice is the warm voice of the former tenant of the White House, the modern virtual Cicero who will lead the viewer in each episode to explore a large garden, to discover its characteristics, from animals to vegetation to deepen the relationship between man and nature. From California to Kenya, and from Indonesia to Patagonia to learn about wonderful places as well as nature itself and the life cycle observed in their natural environment.

Obama and the environment

Environmental policies were largely a part of electoral promises and politics during his eight years in the Oval Office. There are a lot of them even though more than 100 of them were torn apart during the Trump administration. In 2006 Obama extended the surface Papahanaumokuakea Maritime National MonumentThis brings the reserve to 1.5 million square kilometres. In 2009 he signedComprehensive Public Land Administration Law To permanently protect several million acres of land located in nine states. Also in the same year he signed the aid package US Recovery and Reinvestment Act Including support for the green economy. In 2011, it signed an agreement with 13 major auto manufacturers to gradually reduce car consumption by 2025. And in March 2014, it signed the first Congress-approved law on natural area protection. At the recent COP26 conference, during his address he addressed the youngest and most enthusiastic protestors of environmental policies made to date who encouraged them to move forward by cultivating this useful anger and frustration not to give up:

To all the young men out there – I want you to stay angry. I want you to stay frustrated.

Audiovisual, a family business

Who is this Our great national parks It’s not the Obama family’s first foray into the audiovisual sector. The characters of Michelle and Barack Obama have been at the center of many documentaries and films but since 2018 they have started their own production house, High production land To tell above all stories and extraordinary life, close to the values ​​​​that the spouses have always proclaimed.

Partnership with Netflix

The two former White House tenants signed a multi-year agreement with Netflix to produce children’s series, films and stories.

Tweet on Netflix Obama

Among the most interesting titles is the documentary American FactoryOscar winner. already become an Emmy nominee; Camp Crepewinner of the 2021 International Documentary Association Award for Best Film; Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Liberty Based on the autobiography of the same name by Pulitzer Prize winner David W. Blitt, which tells the life of one of the greatest abolitionists. The color of American history Waffle + mochi which takes on one of Michele’s obligations as First Lady, which is diversity and food safety, especially for the younger generations.

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source: Netflix/ The White House – Obama Administration Archive Site

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