Banning US materials for the construction of drones in the port of Gioia Tauro: “Destined for Russia”

American materials for Drones Dual use, inward oriented Russia blocked by Finance Police And fromCustoms Agency in port Joya Tauro. Containers are officially directed to Qatar But they suspected that they were heading to Moscow, they were exposed to preemptive attack From Prosecutor of Palmy, but information about the content may come from outside Calabria. On the accompanying documents that referred to Qatar As an end goal, one can talk about it Telecommunication materials.

attention investigators You will focus on it documentation which accompanies the containers, first to determine the true destination and then to determine if the materials correspond to the papers and, perhaps, if they can be repurposed for military uses. Checks that can only be completed with the opening of containers, which will take place in the next few days.

Hypothesis – according to what he writes Republic – Is that Russia does not have the same development American technologyA month ago, he tried to import military components ‘made in the United States’ passing through Italy via a complex triangulation” With the goal of “taking aircraft home, not just aircraft, but the complex systems they contribute to Instructs and them Check”Manufactured by an American company. In the port of Gioia Tauro, the containers were to arrive from Canada.

For the newspaper, other hypotheses ‘such as the possibility of stopping . are not excluded GPS locator from the container ship departing from Gioia Tauro and then aiming, in disguise, at Syria” from the boss Bashar al-AssadAn iron ally of Moscow. When the Americans received a notification of the kidnapping from Italy, he always wrote Republica team ofFBI pass quickly Washington In Rome and then in Gioia Tauro.

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