Banks press release, the day it is forbidden to withdraw and then stop activities forever

Many stings coming to the ATM. Let’s see the day when you can not withdraw and the next end of the ATM operations.

Many things change at the ATM because ATM It is in the crossfire of both the tax authorities and the banks themselves.


Let’s see in Cement What is changing for existing users and ATM users.

What a sting

First of all, it should be noted that the pankomat Increasing in the range of tax taxes.


In fact, the tax officer can accurately check the withdrawal and payment activities of the ATM thanks to the now-famous Superanagrafe for checking accounts. So everything about ATM changes from a financial point of view. But there comes a day when banks are advised not to withdraw. The reason is not the control of the tax authorities but a new terrible scam has been discovered at various ATMs in the country. Let’s see how it works. The bandits hid radio-controlled devices in various ATMs. When the user goes to withdraw their card, it gets stuck in the ATM and they will think it is a trivial error from the ATM. But if this happens on Friday, it hurts.

The forbidden day and the end of ATM operations

In fact, if all this happened on Friday, the user will have to wait until Monday to get into the bank and redeem his card, But in the meantime, the bandits will have unlocked it and can do whatever they want with it. This is why withdrawals are not recommended on Fridays but also it is important to always save the phone number to block the card. But the ATM goes gradually They disappear and soon there will be no more, let’s see why. ATMs are too expensive for banks to make them disappear Save just as they do with actual bank branches. Suffice it to say that 4 million Italians already live in municipalities with banks and ATMs.

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The disappearance of automated teller machines: when does it happen?

The disappearance of ATMs is an advantage for both banks and tax authorities. In fact, if people used to pay using electronic and trackable payment systems, Taxes will always be able to to observe All payments and black payments will no longer exist and the banks will be able to completely reduce costs. This is a very fast process and the banks on it are very cash.

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