Banks, Bper launches four new regional directorates reorganization

Banks, Bper launches four new regional directorates reorganization

Change of banners at the former Ubi Banca branches of Via Mattioli, Bergamo

(Photo from Colioni)

Indeed, the reorganization envisages the number of regional offices increasing from 13 to 17, with new offices operational in Bergamo, Brescia, Varese and Marche. In addition, 14 district managers have been appointed, in addition to the current 35 managers.

The newly created regional directorates, in addition to the current directorates, refer to the Deputy General Manager and Chief Business Officer Pierpio Cervogli, while Stefano Vittorio Kun assumes the role of Regional Trade Coordinator in Lombardy.

This is the new expression in Lombardy: the Bergamo Regional Administration (responsible for Luca Gotti), the Regional Department of Brescia (responsible for Maurizio Viggio), Varese Regional Administration (responsible for Simone Massi). These divisions work alongside the Regional Administration in Milan, which is already operational, for which Diego Malerba is responsible.

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