Bank transfers, do not exceed this amount: that’s why

Wire transfers and checks are fairly popular payment methods: be careful, and never exceed this number in 2022! This is the cause and the amount of the amount of the problem.

Bank transfers and checks are among the most popular payment methods used by Italians: because they are secure and fully traceable. Such payment options are a valid alternative to paying exorbitant amounts: in fact, having placed restrictions on cash payments, they proved to be really indispensable. In this regard, many are wondering about the maximum payments: be extremely careful, because in 2022 a bank transfer or check cannot exceed an amount. Let’s find out together how much it is and how to avoid overcoming it.

Bank transfers are among the first forms of electronic payment ever made, and due to their “trackable” nature, have been the most secure money transfer system for decades, even for very important people.

Bank transfers represent the best and most practical solution for dealing with large sums of money, favored by Europe’s tendency to part with cash for the sake of the “security” factor. With the digitization that has also included ordinary citizens for some time, making and receiving bank transfers is no longer a problem, and this can be done easily through any bank or post office as well as through the application of the bank itself.


Bank transfers have also become more popular for an increasingly diverse group of users, thanks to the specific types of transfers we’ve been talking about recently, almost all of which can be done in a few minutes and with increasingly shorter processing times. Since these are completely retroactive, taxable currency conversions for countries in the SEPA area, which largely includes almost all European countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, there are no practical limits regarding the amount, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, except for non-EU countries, such as San Marino, Iceland and Liechtenstein Norway, Switzerland, the Principality of Monaco, the Principality of Andorra and the Vatican City.

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Bank Transfer: “Attention, never exceed this amount!”

When making transfers from Italian accounts to regions outside SEPA, the situation changes dramatically: as soon as the amount exceeds 12,500.00 euros, the currency statistical communication (CVS) must be completed at the same time as the transaction. On the other hand, if the transfer amount from a non-SEPA account to an Italian account exceeds 15000.00 euros, it is necessary to file a complaint with the Revenue Agency, which will conduct checks to verify the regularity of the transaction.

If CVS is not filed or notified to the revenue agency, the state can “block” the transfer and in case of violation, penalties, foreclosure and checking account bans may occur.

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