Bank transfer is not always the preferred solution: when it is best to avoid it

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Bank transfer is one of the preferred payment methods for Italians but it is not always recommended to use it. Let’s find out when it is preferable to use different tools.

Bank or postal transfer, a practical and fast payment tool that is just a click away from you. Excellent solution but beware of cases where it is best not to use it.

Use bank transfer
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The government pays citizens to use Electronic payment methods Because it can be easily tracked. Over the years, the fight against tax evasion and money laundering has grown on a large scale More and more impressive Involve every taxpayer. Internal Revenue Controllers Current accounts, tax revenue, cash at home And every financial transaction. The goal is to identify dishonest citizens, but even small, honest taxpayers easily end up in the cauldron of controls. In this context it is the best Use traceable payment tools in a way that does not attract the attention of the tax authorities. Basically make a conversion It’s easy, fast and practical And you can continue comfortably from home at any time. But even behind a bank transfer, there are risks.

Bank transfer, when it is better not to use

The government strongly recommends the use of traceable electronic payment methods. Just think that in some cases, an electronic tool will only allow you to access benefits or compensation such as, for example, Deduction of 19% of medical expenses in the 730 . model. Credit cards, debit cards, ATMs, checks and wire transfers are the preferred means of citizens. So, bank transfer has the aforementioned advantage of being able to do it anywhere and anytime. However, the danger is latent and refers mainly to Instant bank transfer.

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The security will not be questioned by the banks. The transaction is reliable, the money flows from one account to another without any risk and PIN, password and two-factor authentication They serve specifically to ensure safe passage for taxpayers. The tool can be used not only for financial transactions within Italy but also for sending money abroad thanks to the introduction International Bank Account Number (IBAN) SEPA transfer. Within a maximum of three days, the funds will move from one account to another despite being at opposite ends of the world. Then there is the instant transfer with a minimum waiting time for transaction amounts Less than 15 thousand euros.

where the danger lies

A few minutes and the money will pass From sender to receiverThis is the instant transfer feature. However, the risk is latent and does not refer to credit institutions but to the intrinsic mechanism of the instrument itself. By choosing to issue an instant bank transfer Yes You will lose all right to a refund In case you encounter a problem. Unlike a SEPA transfer, in fact, the sender cannot prevent a transfer and refund once it has been issued. So speed becomes the strong point of the tool as well The greatest cause of danger. In conclusion, it is not recommended to use instant transfer for insecure transactions as they are implemented unknown topics Its reliability is unknown. The statement, of course, mostly indicates For online purchases on unknown sites.

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