Bank closes accounts without warning: ‘We are desperate without savings’

A bank note will start closing the checking accounts of its users.

On the Internet, cries of despair are heard from the account holders of this bank. Accounts are closed without warning and there is a book online He was unable to access his savings for 6 days.

Really annoying situation but let’s try to understand what’s going on.

Concern among account holders

On the internet, many account holders of this well known bank are now revealing how they closed their accounts without the slightest notice, thus these account holders are completely closed They cut off access to their savings. It all happened by email. The account holder receives an email stating that there is an error in the general terms of the contract and therefore the account has been closed.

It’s the HDblog that tells us about how these reports flow on different websites and Facebook groups. The relevant bank is Bank N26. It is a famous online bank that is gaining more and more success in our country. But what happened now is clearly terrifying account holders. Therefore, various current accounts were closed by the bank, but the problem is that such customers cannot perform such trivial operations as bank transfers or even just withdraw money.

what is going on

Bank N26 tried to clear things up by making it clear that it had to do so Through European anti-money laundering regulations. But in fact, the question comes from afar because early in March, the Bank of Italy intervened against Bank No. 26. On that occasion Banca Italy n26 banned from accepting new clients. The reason is that n26 is tainted with significant deficiencies in terms of anti-money laundering rules.

How did the facts go?

Therefore, in an attempt to reconstruct the facts from what is known, in March Banca N26 was alerted by the Bank of Italy for not paying much attention to anti-money laundering regulations and Now, in order not to get into the same troubles, he has closed some accounts Perhaps for reasons not necessarily related to recycling. What is certain is that customers who have closed their accounts are expressing all their concerns on social networks and we need to understand them. The hope is that they will soon be able to regain ownership of their accounts and be able to resume their normal operations.

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