Banjo-Kazooie’s creator shares his thoughts on seeing the duo interact with Sephiroth’s arrival at Smash Bros. Ultimate

Earlier this week, Nintendo fans were teased to reveal yet another DLC character for Smash Bros. Ultimate. Final Fantasy VII’s Sephiroth joins the fight, and some of Smash’s current roster is there to see his arrival. Banjo and Kazooie were front and center to see the one-wing angel come down, and they were clearly just as shocked as the fans!

It’s crazy to see the faces collected by Smash Bros. Ultimate. If fans enjoy revealing characters and are amazed by characters, then there is no doubt their creators are! Banjo-Kazooie’s creator, Steve Miles, took to Twitter to share his thoughts on seeing a bear and bird in the Sephiroth reveal trailer.

It’s cool, tinged with a little bit of sadness for what could have been I think. But there is still hope!

There is no doubt that the mention of Miles’ “sadness” is related to Banjo Kazoei’s disappearance from the gaming world. It’s been a very long time since we saw the main title of the dynamic duo for a new game, and no one knows if it will happen again. Sure, RARE’s path has been very different since the Nintendo days, and most employees have moved to Playtonic or other companies.

Another Banjo-Kazooie game? I had hoped the reaction to the characters who appear in Smash for Microsoft would show that there are even millions of people who want another adventure with the two of them. We’ll just have to keep crossing our fingers and hope for the best.

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