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An irreversible process has now begun. Then you will not be able to withdraw using an ATM. The revolution is in progress

The way we shop is undergoing rapid change thanks to the advent of digital technologies. particularly, Electronic payment methods are rapidly replacing traditional methodssuch as cash or card payments.

Then you will not be able to withdraw from an ATM –

This trend is constantly growing, with the increasing prevalence of smartphones and mobile devices that allow you to make payments easily and securely. We will explain in the rest of the article When it is not possible to withdraw from an ATMAnd how the world of electronic payments has revolutionized the way we buy goods and services.

Bye ATM, that’s why

Besides technology, payment methods are also undergoing profound change. In recent years, for example, we are witnessing The disappearance of traditional ATMs, which are being used less and less thanks to the proliferation of credit cards, debit cards and above all electronic payment solutions based on mobile devices. In the rest of the article, we will explain The reason for this change What are the Advantages they cons of the various payment methods available today.

There are fewer and fewer ATMs all over Italy –

condition Bank branches It is worrying in Italy, as the numbers in recent years show. In 2022, it is well closed 554 branches all over Italy, with the increase in the number of people who cannot access a branch in the municipality of residence. This phenomenon concerns not only small regions, but also municipalities that have more than 10 thousand people. In some areas, such as Lombardy and the Lazio, the loss was particularly high. In the rest of the article, we will analyze the causes of this phenomenon and possible solutions to ensure more equitable access to banking services across the country.

The closure of bank branches in many Italian regions, which lack ATMs, creates problems for a large number of users. the highly disturbed areas I am the Mollyswhere municipalities that do not have a bank branch are82% and the Calabriato 71%. But regions like Valle D’Aosta, Piedmont, Liguria, Abruzzo, and Campania couldn’t feel better. A plan is needed that will allow banks to return to investment and play their important social role, as envisaged by the Italian constitution. The rest of the article will explore possible solutions to ensure more equitable access to banking services across the country.

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