Banca Nuova, in Palermo, condemns four sentences to savers who bought Pop Vicenza shares to be compensated

Compensation 400 thousand euros for about twenty Sicilian savers Urge to buy stock from Banca Popolare di VicenzaSold by new bankThe island of “Riha” institute at that time was led by Gianni Zonin. Four civil judgments of Fifth Section From Palermo Court which ordered Banca Intesa San Paolo to compensate twenty shareholders. A series of decisions that give a clear imprint in the judges’ direction in favor of savers, After last year one already peace justice From Messina The bank had been ordered to compensate a previous account holder: So the responsibility of the credit institution you obtained is recognized new bank.

And 80 savers are still waiting for a decision: “We are talking about people who saved money to send their children to university. Among the winds of the day there are those who burst into tears as soon as they heard the verdict, ”explains the lawyer Alessandro Palmigiano Which, along with Elisabetta Violant, He defended the Sicilian savers group. who invested 6 thousand euroswho invested it 40 miles, but it was also those who could afford 800,000 euros in equity investments who bought shares in Popolare di Vicenza. All Sicilians who today get the first result of a story that began in 2013. Between 2013 and 2015, in fact, the subsidiaries of Banque Veneto began to offer Standard stock packages at least 6 thousand euros. Among the subsidiaries there are also new bankHeadquartered in Palermo and subsidiaries in the rest of the island and in Calabria. Officials begin to offer packages to savers from Sicily, selling shares of the parent company: “Banca Nuova was sold regardless of the risk of the stock,” explains Palmigiano. However, in a short time, the shares were practically worthless. The Venetian Bank of the Zonin Group was liquidated shortly thereafter, with legal consequences also for the bank’s top management and serious damage to customers who bought the products of the credit institution, who lost all investments.

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The same situation that Sicilian savers found themselves in. The first convictions arrived a year ago in Messina, when a justice of the peace agreed with a former client of the bank. The judges’ first decisions arrive in Palermo today Rachel Monfredi Ed Emanuela Rosaria Piazza In the lawsuit filed in 2017. Sono 270 thousand euros of compensating savers e 130 thousand euros Legal fees: “The judges recognized the complexity of the legal work. My colleague Elisabetta Violante and I have put together some of these shareholders, thus allowing those who have invested less to proceed legally without risking draining legal costs.” Palermo lawyers defended a hundred Sicilians: “We are quite satisfied, and behind them is the experience of people who have lost all their savings. We also feel calm about any appeal,” Palmigiano concluded.

Thus, the obligation of the bank to the investor should be so especially strict, the reasons from which the risks arise, warn him of any shortcomings in the process”, confirmed the Messina judge, Santa Nastase in May 2020, when he ordered compensation of 5 thousand euros plus court costs for compensation. Legally support Messina in 2020: “These people have been suggested to provide a loan with the bank so that they can participate in this process that will guarantee them a safe investment.”

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