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Banana fiber for food packaging: a sustainable idea from Australia

Banana fiber comes from the stems of the banana palm and is a by-product of banana production, meaning that it is renewable and has already been grown in abundance.

company Australian papyrus I recently completed a test that demonstrated the commercial viability of using The fiber on the banana 100% refined in production food packaging Printed as pizza boxes, hamburger boxes, meal containers and serving plates.

Banana fiber comes from Banana palm trunks It is a by-product of banana production, which means that it is renewable and already abundantly grown. There are about 3,000 hectares of banana plantations in Australia and it is estimated that banana plantations globally cover more than 10 million hectares, with about 2.2 billion tons of agricultural waste generated each year.

By taking advantage of this product agricultural waste Available globally in the production of printed food packaging, the environmental benefits are significant. Banana stems are a source of fiber renewable and sustainable. Using a product that would otherwise be wasted reduces emissions.

According to Papyrus Australia, the patented process for converting the stem of a banana palm into refined fiber is Free from waste and chemicals. Banana fiber is also water-resistant and flame retardant, but it degrades naturally in landfills.

Papyrus Australia CEO, Ibrahim Azer frameWhile we used to make printed products in Australia, China and Egypt in the past, they all came from fibers that were prepared in lab conditions and with very limited molding procedures. We are now able to produce ‘custom’ fibers on a daily basis in our facility in Sohag which is being molded Then in a standard molding facility ready for use in a full shift.

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“Furthermore, we are confident that we can now take advantage of the unique benefits that banana fiber offers to improve the final product and obtain products that other fibers cannot.”

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