Baldur’s Gate 3 on Google Stadia will allow YouTube viewers to help guide the game when it arrives on October 6th

Google has always wanted to change its Stadia cloud game streaming service How YouTube Banners Engage With Their Fans. After nearly ten months of release, Google is finally introducing the “Crowd Choice” feature on its first two games. Crowd Choice allows viewers to vote, for example, which team a player joins in the game, what part of the dialogue they choose, or other options within the game that the player might make. Ultimately, the operator can decide whether they want to follow the audience’s suggestion or make their choice.

On October 1st, He died in broad daylight It will be called the Stadia Pro, and it will be The first game to incorporate crowd choice. in a He died in broad daylight, This feature gives the audience an opportunity to vote whether the spectator should be a “killer” tasked with killing the other players in the match or one of the four “survivors” trying to escape or escape. As you can see below, He died in broad daylightThe Crowd Choice feature shows the percentage of the audience that voted for each role.

Dead by Daylight on Google Stadia with Crowd Choice enabled
Image: Google

On October 6th, Baldur Gate 3 It will be the second game to support the feature. Unlike He died in broad daylight, It is an asymmetric survival horror game, Baldur Gate 3 It is an RPG with the option to play single-player or online with other players. When Crowd Choice is enabled, broadcast audiences can vote on the narrative decisions that the creator must make to advance the story. in a Baldur Gate 3“Everything from people you fall in love with your character, to whomever friend becomes their enemy, viewers can identify,” Google says.

Crowd Choice at Baldur’s Gate 3 allows viewers to vote on which dialogue option the player should choose
Image: Google

Although I am not a Stadia player, I would love to watch the Stadia play Baldur Gate 3 So I can vote on the most obscure dialogue option for them to choose.

side by side He died in broad daylight, Stadia’s paid Pro subscription also adds five additional games to its library on October 1st – Human: Fall Flat, Superhot: Mind Control Delete, Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris, Celeste, And the Jotun.

Stadia’s first anniversary is nearing in a few months, and it looks like it will see more serious competition: The cloud gaming market has started heating up recently Announce Amazon Luna And release xCloud from Microsoft.

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