Balcony bonus, how it works and how to use it. Amounts up to 5 thousand euros

To improve appearance and impact on the environment, the government has studied the terrace bonus, how it works and how it is used for amounts of up to €5,000.

Green Reward 2022
Rooftop Terrace (Pixabay)

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To improve appearance and impact on the environment, the government has studied the terrace bonus, how it works, and how to use it to obtain it up to 5 thousand euros. An integral part of the home, the porch can be transformed into a wonderful and welcoming, garden-style outdoor space where you can rest and enjoy the outdoors. Moreover, thanks to the smart work in which you spend a lot of time at home, it is imperative to have an outdoor environment at your fingertips.

An environment that is arranged and furnished, where you can design green spaces to stay in touch with nature, while staying indoors. Working, reading, eating, staying in the company of friends and relatives, in such a space, is invaluable, and you live your daily life better. What is certain is that renovating balconies or terraces is not easy and requires a certain investment. For this reason it was decided to extend Green Bonus 2022which includes the 2022 Terrace bonus. What does it consist of?

How to request a balcony bonus and calculate the amounts

Balcony balcony facilities renovation
Terrace Garden (Pixabay)

Introduced with the 2017 Budget Law, the green bonus is an advantage for maintenance interventions of the open spaces of the house. Extended and valid until the whole of 2022, it is an incentive to renovate the gardens, balconies and terraces. One would expect Irpef discount of 36% At a maximum cost of 5 thousand euros. The accrual is divided into ten annual installments of the same amount.

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For example, if you spend 5 thousand euros, and this is the maximum expenditure, you get a discount of 1,800 euros, distributed in ten installments of 180 euros. If you own more than one house, this is possible Request more discounts. In the Terrace Bonus there are discounts for various jobs, including:

  • irrigation systems
  • well drilling
  • green space landscaping
  • Gorgeous trim
  • plant supply
  • green roof construction
  • Hanging Gardens
  • New green space design

Any kind of routine maintenance cannot be included in the discount. But Who can benefit from it? All owners of the home to be renovated, with outdoor space, owners of the right to use the dwelling, renters and borrowers can apply for the facility. Companies, public and private bodies, offices and associations can benefit from the bonus.

If the house you live in is used as a business, the bonus is reduced to 50%. The terrace bonus can also be requested if common open area, as in apartment buildings. However, in this case, the maximum amount of 5 thousand euros per house is added to all houses adjacent to the open area. Then the rewards accumulate.

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To get to the incentive set by the government, it is clearly necessary to certify that the restructuring was done through Payment traceable, then bank transfer, check, credit card or debit card. Invoices must contain information regarding the work performed and submit it to the Revenue Agency, which will validate the work and take care of reimbursement.

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