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new available contact form of options Balance Transfer & Bill Discount everyone’Revenue Agency. The new model accompanied by the relative assembly instructions And from Technical Specifications, includes the innovations introduced from Anti-fraud decree for deductions related to 110 and the others Construction bonuses. Also the agency transferred theWhen you reopen the channel to deliver the option, which has been temporarily closed.

Article 1, paragraph 1, letter B of the Anti-fraud Ordinance, already published in the Official Gazette, is extended to all Construction bonuses and not just the super bonus 110And Duty to apply for a compliance visa From the data on the documents that prove the existence of conditions that give the right to tax deduction in the event that there is an option to deduct the invoice and allocate the credit.

The compliance visa, previously envisioned only for superbonus 110, has been extended to include building stock recovery, energy efficiency, earthquake bonuses, facade bonuses, installation of photovoltaic systems, and installation of electric vehicle charging poles.

newmodeloc Communication.pdf

Informing the Credit Transfer Agency’s Revenue Instructions

revenue agency He also posted Instructions for filling out the form Communication of choice Balance transfer and invoice discounting.

PDF iconCredit instructions. pdf

Re-opening the communication channel option for balance transfer and bill discount

on november 15, Revenue Agency informed the reopening of the channel to transfer Communication with sales options or invoice discounts related to construction bonuses. Temporary closure was necessary for IT platform adaptation For the changes introduced by Decree-Law n. 157/2021 (published in the Official Gazette No. 269 on November 11, 2021).

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