Badminton, the groups for the European Games Krakow 2023 have been decided

Azzurri’s collections were withdrawn today European Games in Krakow, which will witness badminton competitions from June 26 to July 2. in men’s singles, John Totti He was placed in Group A with the Dane Victor Axelsenin polish Dominic Quinta and al Roman Tudor Ioan Siropoyo. Group A also to Gianmarco Belletti And Martina Corsini In mixed doubles, with the Azzurri having to deal with the French Tom Geckoll And Delphine Delerowith the Irish Joshua Magee And Moya Ryan and slovaks Milan Dratva And Katharina Vargova. group F instead Yasmine Hamza In women’s singles: Chile’s last gold medalist will find the Belgian in her group Lian TanFinnish in nyqvist and hungarian Vivian Sandorhazy. Group B instead for both men’s doubles and women’s doubles doubles: John the Greek And David Salut They will meet athletes from the United Kingdom Ben Lin And Sean Fendiirish Joshua Magee And Paul Reynolds And Azeris Ade Resky Dwicahyo And Azmi Qawirammadhoniwhile Martina Corsini And Judith Meyer They will be called upon to challenge the Danes Miken Forgard And Sarah ThijsenAnd the Ukrainians Maria Stolyarenko And Elizaveta Zharka and Mathematics in the United Kingdom Julie MacPherson And Clara Torrance.

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