Bad weather, the faulty roof of nuclear medicine collapsed at Moncalieri Hospital

Heavy rains that fell on the southern belt in the past hour damaged several cities and created problems everywhere. In Moncalieri, the faulty roof of the nuclear medicine department of Santa Croce Hospital collapsed: fortunately at that time no one was there and there were no injuries. Water is also in the emergency room: staff had to step in to move some machines. Problems with the railway line between Candiolo and Sangoni di Moncalieri station, due to a malfunction that slowed trains. RFI technicians are having a hard time fixing the malfunction due to the ongoing heavy rain. The basement of the Moncalieri Library is submerged under water, as are many of the city’s tunnels. Two women were rescued by local police: they got stuck inside their car in the Viviero Street tunnel, which was closed. Water is also available in some school gyms.

There are also problems in Nichelino: many streets and many houses are flooded, and on the square there are civil protection and local police. Dozens of interventions by firefighters to help those with difficulties. Some manholes overflowed and the covers moved with the force of the water.

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