‘Bad practices’ angered those who lost their savings

Postal savings bonds seem to be the safest haven for Italians, especially at this moment of very strong inflation, yet there is no shortage of problems even on the famous bonds issued by the Italian Post Office.

Let’s see what happens and what unfortunate situations have arisen on these widespread and popular gadgets. Adiconsum Sardinia He promoted an investigation on Poste Italiane and it’s a rather extensive investigation.

The purpose is to understand whether Poste Italiane has implemented or not Unfair business practices For her famous interest-bearing bonds.

Investigations are underway

it is exactly Adiconsum To issue a press release informing these investigations, this real investigation is open to the Post Office. Thus, after a complaint by Adiconsum, the Antimonopoly Agency opened an investigation Which focuses precisely on the hiring practices of popular interest-bearing bonds.

So at this point the ball passes From Consumer Protection Association Adiconsum to Antitrust Who has to understand how things are going. The question is very serious, why? Concerned consumers lost all the savings they invested. Basically Poste Italiane has not provided the necessary knowledge of the dire consequences if payment is not requested within Terms.

Poste Italiane responsibilities

Actually postal savings bonds have limitation period After that, it is no longer possible to request a refund of the invested money. Who should exceed these realistic conditions He will lose everything But Sardinian consumers owe it They were not aware of this as required by law. In fact, the applicable laws stipulate that the investor must be clearly aware of the risks associated with the investment and all the essential characteristics of the investment. Basically, according to the antitrust authority, there is a risk that Poste Italiane has not in fact notified consumers of the terms of the coupons expiration Fruitful and the fact that they would have lost everything if they had not acted in time.

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Savers lost everything

And this is what happened at the appointed time and If Adiconsum is right, Poste Italiane will have to compensate all these customers Who saw their savings increase in smoke. A really thorny situation that reminds us, however, of how important it is to have Full knowledge of the investments we will sign. If we ignore the terms and deadlines, the consequences can be very dire. In the case of these Poste Italiane customers, it is by no means certain that the authorities will eventually allow them to make up for what they have lost.

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