Bad news, it wouldn’t be what we wanted

Unfortunately iPhone 13 It will not have Touch ID at the bottom of the screen. It seems clear now, even if we admit that this imperfection makes us appear too, especially since the competition has been doing so for some time in the Android field.

iPhone 13: No Touch ID, let’s quit ourselves

Due to the coronavirus pandemic last year, the possibility of using Apple’s only biometric method has come under scrutiny. In fact, for a few years now, the giant Apple Cupertino phones only supported unlocking Face ID. However, since the virus has required people to always wear a face mask, phone use has become an issue. With the mask activated, Face ID does not work; Admittedly, the company later released a new feature that helps users quickly unlock the phone while wearing face protection.

While this feature allows users to unlock the iPhone in seconds by wearing a mask, not all users have the Apple Watch which all supports it. Therefore, the majority of Apple customers are looking forward to the re-release of the early version of Connection ID. Therefore it is permissible to Most fans expect Touch ID on the iPhone 13.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the series iPhone 13 Touch ID fingerprint technology is allegedly used under the screen. Reports also claim that the future flagship iDevice will use Face ID + Touch ID dual authentication. In fact, the Cupertino OEM has registered a large number of technical patents related to this feature in the past six months. However, the latest report is not what people want to hear.

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According to what you know Apple may not bring Touch ID back to iPhone soon قريب. well-known lane Mark Gorman It just revealed that the new phones will still keep only one biometric method, read “Face ID”. He emphasized:Apple tested the under-display fingerprint for this year’s device, but this feature may not appear on this generation of iPhones“.

Despite the lack of this feature, the upcoming series of tools will still have some major updates. For example, the company will greatly improve the camera setup. The lens stabilization and night photography capabilities will also be better. Also, this device will be shipped for the first time with 120Hz high refresh rate screen.

Furthermore it, Mark Gorman says the 2021 range will officially arrive in mid-September. New phones will have a smaller notch.