Bad news for those who own these smartphones because from November they will not be able to use WhatsApp

If there is one thing we will probably never understand, it is because after many years smartphones are outdated, become slow, no longer support updates, and some apps even stop working. And unfortunately, here is the bitter truth: in fact, there is bad news for those who own these smartphones because as of November they will not be able to use WhatsApp.

This application is very popular in Italy, which is used to exchange messages, after some updates it stopped working on some smartphones. Thus, for those who use WhatsApp, this can be a problem, as in the end there are two possible options: change the mobile or not use WhatsApp. Most people probably choose to buy a new smartphone which contributes to unnecessary consumption.

Bad news for those who own these smartphones because from November they will not be able to use WhatsApp

So let’s see what unfortunate smartphones are. We will not actually focus on the smartphone model, but on what the operating system is. The main problem, in fact, is that different applications perform different updates, but the old operating system is no longer there. And that is exactly the case with these unfortunate smartphones.

The operating system that no longer supports WhatsApp is Android 4.0.4 or earlier. So everyone who has a smartphone with this operating system will have to save all the WhatsApp conversations and then transfer them to a new smartphone.

It is also important to have a Sim card connected, it is not enough to have Wi-Fi if you want limited support. If you don’t have a SIM attached, there will be no support.

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WhatsApp updates

If, on the one hand, an update bids farewell to some smartphone, on the other hand, it also brings news, in the end it is called an update. One of the novelties is the ability to transfer chats from Android to iOS. In the past, when changing phones and switching from an Android smartphone to an iPhone, it was necessary to use third-party apps to switch WhatsApp chat. Not anymore, data is migrated from one system to another normally. There are also many news in the field of shared photos and privacy. The latter is a major sore point for many people.

Anyway, if we have an old phone, let’s check what operating system it is on. And if he’s due to retire, let’s take action right away so we don’t lose our data.


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