Bad news for Fallout director leaving: ‘I’m going to miss him’

Bethesda has lost another piece of its historical work: the lead of the Fallout 76 project as well as Skyrim and Oblivion, Jeff Gardiner, decided to leave the studio.

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A message was announced in Twitter The creator announced that his time with Bethesda was over. Gardiner was initially a designer and then produced in Bethesda to eventually become the project leader Fallout 76.

According to the answers that Gardiner gave to those who asked if the decision was his, in fact, the leader of the Fallout 76 project This decision was made independently. However, a question that he could not or wanted to answer the concerns of who would replace him.

Fallout 76, what future for Gardiner?

Bad news for Fallout, director leaves: "I will miss"
Bad news for Fallout director leaving: ‘I’m going to miss him’ (Image: Twitter)

Jeff Gardiner finally joined Bethesda 2005 Thanks to his talent, he rose to various positions from production to management. His hand helped create worlds amnesia Based on Skyrim, As well as three chapters of Fallout: Fallout 3, 4 and 76. In particular, he has spent the past three years working as the leader of the Fallout 76 project.

Announcing his farewell to Bethesda, several members of the digital family of which he has been a part for over 15 years thanked him. Many players joined him in greetings and thanks. But actually, for those who follow Gardiner’s profile on Twitter Something was wrong with it for a while. In fact, in recent days, Bethesda creations have been posting quotes at least once a day that they all have one thing in common: change and movement.

Now that Gardiner has left Bethesda and the Fallout 76 team, the question we’re all asking is: Where will we find her again. Also because in the message that Gardiner left the community of players and fans with his Bethesda nicknames, there is no indication of his future. Since there is no indication even in the very vague answers he gave to those who tried to ask which team he could be found in.

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All the creator said was that he wanted to take “some time to think“Before making any plans. This kind of phrase usually heralds not so much to join a new team as to create a development team from scratch. Can we talk to you soon about the new development studio that Jeff Gardiner has opened?”

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