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Postepay standard holders will have to deal with the new costs on the withdrawal commission. Here’s what changes

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2022 certainly did not start in a positive way for the many Italian post office customers who witnessed the introduction of one New tax and fee increase on withdrawal of criticism.

These increases are mainly due to the change in the habits of Italians due to the impact of Covid-19. The shutdowns have actually led to an increase in online consumption and thus the use of electronic money at the expense of money. Let’s see in detail the news for standard Postepay customers.

Postepay: Who also pays the withdrawal in 2022


There are already hundreds of thousands of Italians who use Poste Italiane cards, and most of all, the card of choice is definitely the standard Postepay. over there yellow card refill Issued by Poste is in fact among the most loved by Italians for its ease of use and high credit but also for its low operating costs.

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And with the start of the new year, standard Postepay customers are having difficulty with a single app new commission but also del”Increased withdrawal commission costs. since last December 13 Postpaid holders will have to pay a Annual fee No more than 10 euros but 12 euros. Renewal includes all card holders With activation before January 1, 2019.

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To change in 2022 they too Withdrawal and payment fees Also in the counters Postamat ATM. Each withdrawal will be credited € 1 From ATM Postamat and from Authorized Post Offices (POS); 1.75 euros from ATMs of authorized banks, in Italy and Euro countries;
€5.00 from an authorized ATM, from non-European countries + 1.10% of the withdrawal amount as of July 1, 2018.

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As for the Payment fees remain free from authorized post offices (POS); on the POS (Visa Service); for mobile phone ups; through an electronic link from Poste Italiane websites; on virtual points of sale (online merchants);
On terminals (POS) of merchants participating in the Visa / Visa Paywave circuit, in Italy and abroad, with a mobile device and standard Postepay card enabled for payments. would be instead
1.10% of the payment amount in non-euro currencies on terminals (POS) for merchants participating in the PayPass Mastercard / Mastercard circuit abroad using a mobile device.

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