Bad news comes for those who charge their cell phones without taking them out of the case

If we are reading this article, it is probably because we are also used to charging our mobile without removing the cover first. And this, it is fair to know, causes a lot of problems for our device.

The cell phone has definitely become a part of our lives. We use it every day for a long time, and according to estimates, we spend 2-3 hours a day connected to a cell phone.

Today, it is impossible to live without a mobile phone. We no longer use it just to make phone calls, but also to work, see road maps, count the number of steps we take per day, and much more. For this reason, if it is damaged, it will not cause us a little inconvenience.

The problem is that many people destroy their cell phones with their hands, without even realizing it. This is the case, for example, for those who charge a mobile phone when it is turned on, But not only. There are many mistakes people make every day with their cell phones. Among these, there is also his assignment of responsibility without removing the lid. Let’s figure out the damage we’ve done to our phone and stop doing it right away.

Bad news comes for those who charge their cell phones without taking them out of the case

Technology now plays a major role in our lives. plankMobile phones, computers, are the devices that today have officially become a part of our lives. Those who don’t know how to use it are inevitably disqualified.

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The problem is that, sometimes, when using these tools, mistakes are made without you even being aware of them.

When we connect our mobile phone to the charger, for example, we don’t think we can do any harm, but sometimes, it does instead. Like we said, charging the phone without removing the cover will damage the phone. because?

temperature problem

The cover is in addition to protecting the phone from any fall that increases the temperature of the phone. If the phone is in this state, in fact, the heat from the inside will stop and cannot escape. Excessive heat can damage our phone and can also reduce charging cycles. That’s why there is bad news coming for those who charge their cell phones without taking them out of the case.

Also pay attention to where we support it

This advice is for anyone who owns a computer. If we get used to using our computer on the pillow or mattress, we change that habit right away. The device is equipped with cooling systems that should not be obstructed, otherwise we risk damaging the interior of the computer.


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