Back online for summer: Désirée, the fitness loan economist, is born

It’s summer time and sea and knot time come to sweep up. There is the fashion test to overcome and physical condition, also thanks to the pandemic and forced closure of gyms, has “gave” us a few extra pounds. But today, thanks to the web, it is possible to cure it. Also thanks to the very Italian lessons of a young woman from Palermo who lived for years in Houston, Texas, and made fitness a reason to live.

Desiree Triulo, 29, has been living in the United States since she was five, between New York City and Wayne, New Jersey. In 2016, to further her career in marketing management, she moved to Houston, becoming an American citizen in 2018.

The dual degree in Economics and Management for Arts and Culture, Communication and Marketing Management, both obtained at Bocconi in Milan, heralds a different career for Désirée. “But already during my college years, he says, I discovered that I had a great passion for fitness. That passion led me in 2018 to become a personal trainer for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and after that, I also became a certified fitness specialist in prenatal and postnatal field training.” .

On Instagram, you can find it as She is niceAnd the A page where he shares not only what he learned in those years of training but also moments from his daily life and how important mind-body balance is. “The primary goal I want to achieve with my social platform – continues Triolo – is to help women find the motivation to reach their fullest potential, but above all, to learn to love each other a little more day in and day out. Watching sports is neither a duty nor a punishment but a fun addition to everyday life, and a way of celebrating the body and what it is capable of.”

“Fitness – continues – has made me stronger, resilient and self-confident, and my goal as a personal trainer is to inspire every woman to find the best version of herself, confident in her strength and abilities. ITSDESIFIT LLC and I got started in the exciting and dynamic world of digital entrepreneurship. Yes, I wanted to give myself the opportunity Not only to believe but to achieve my dreams, so I decided to take a risk, and launched my digital training in January, STRONGER platform with her desire a program It offers a training program based on the scientific principle of progressive overload and also includes nutritional guidance to help women find the right balance between exercise and healthy nutrition.”

Only 5 months after the launch of the platform, more than 2,200 girls have been trained with the Désirée Triolo program: “My relationship with all of them is constant, although they are not training courses. one to one, Because I created a community group on Facebook where I answer their questions daily, provide training details and share our successes together. During 2020, we moved our meetings to Zoom. Ed Finally, recently, I opened my youtube channel Where I participate, in Italian and English, on-demand training sessions every week.”

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